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Word of Life Church
Pastor Tom Brown
11675 Pratt Ave
El Paso, TX 79936

Affiliation with Bishop Tom Brown

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Third World Guidelines *

We unfortunately do not have the man power or space anymore to add every church or ministry to our directory from third world nations. In addition to this, it has been our experience that many of these churches fold up, move or in numerous cases the information is inaccurate.

In order to still accommodate the churches in third world nations we now require the churches and ministries to:

1. Provide a homepage with an individualized domain name (geocities and other free services will not do). It is not necessary to pay the optional fee of $10 to add your homepage, since you belong to a third-world nation with little money.

2. Provide an email address (name@yourhomepage) that corresponds to the domain name (hotmail, yahoo, and other free email will not work). We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you fill out the form without meeting these guidelines, then your request will be ignored. If you are ready to meet these guidelines then click here to go back to the pastor's form. If you do not meet these guidelines, there is no need to fill out the form.

* Nations considered third world are the following:
India, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, and all of Africa (except Morocco and Egypt), and such nations as deemed third world. These guidelines will not apply to the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Western Hemisphere. 

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